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St Catherine’s Technology Department is: 

It is important to us that the pupils have a positive experience in Technology. Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. Pupils use current and traditional technologies to manufacture a range of products across the key stages.

The variety offered in Technology aims to stimulate and maintain pupil’s interest, enjoyment, curiosity and concerns about the technological world in which they live. Also, Pupils will develop knowledge, understanding, skills, principles and specialist vocabulary through the work undertaken.


Key Stage3 – Northern Ireland Curriculum

Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 10

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GCSE - AQA Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology 

Advanced Level - EDEXCEL: GCE Design and Technology Product Design


The Technology department is integral to the STEM agenda in St Catherine’s College. Across the key stages many opportunities are provided for pupils to gain the knowledge and skills needed for future employment. The pupils are informed about the opportunities that a career in Technology or Engineering can offer. We use employers and STEM ambassadors to help engage the pupils in engineering and Technology. The programme of work develops skills in creativity, design and innovation.

Educational Visits

Educational visits/workshops are very important to the work in Technology & Design. They support the material being taught, especially at GCSE and A-Level. The main focus of our visits is to make links with industry and to enhance the pupil experience. The visits/links also support our work in STEM.

Extra Curricular

The Technology department provides opportunities for pupils to study the subject outside of the classroom. The Technology club runs on Tuesdays after school. The main focus is on developing CAD/CAM skills. The pupils will have an opportunity to develop skills in using SolidWorks and 2D Design (CAD Software). Pupils will also be able to use machines that are controlled by a computer, known as Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and make products they have designed.

Working after school can also be of huge benefit to those pupils who require some extra support with their Technology work in general.

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